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NEW for 2024!


A high-volume and new-generation Creeker with a lot of rocker in the bow and a stern with an optimized current stall.

The design of this kayak enables you to realize advanced maneuvers, where you push the flat stern under water to raise the bow with its heavy rocker over waves and rollers.


We combined an optimized distribution of volume around the cockpit with a modern bottom to set the benchmark regarding safety, stability and resurfacing as well as gliding behavior.


A length of 9 foot and a very dry running bottom ensure a high speed, to safely arrow over retentive holes or to speed up in waves.

Medium paddlers till approx. 80 kg can use it as full-featured creeker, while large paddler are able to paddle the BEAST like a high volume riverrunner.

The new PR-X foam seat system combined with our indestructible HTP-hull results in an unbeatable light overall concept.


New boat - new colors! The BEAST is available in vivid yellow, fresh turquoise and trendy bright-green.


To add the final touch, the BEAST comes with super robust, magenta colored handles made of aircraft aluminum! Awesome, isn't it?




Material: HTP

Length: 274 cm

Width: 68 cm

Weight: 20 kg

Cockpit: L (86 x 53 cm)

Volume: 360 L

Paddlerweight: 60 - 120 kg

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